Brand Message

Welcome to Mountain Valley Papers – your source for beautiful papers from Japan and Thailand.  We are a wholesaler and only sell direct to retailers, so if you are a consumer we can direct you to the closest store that carry our products.  Our retail outlet in San Francisco is the Paper Tree and can ship our papers to retail customers to anyone across the country.

Breaking News – we have acquired Gold Leaf paper company and are in the process of restructuring the product line.  Welcome to Gold Leaf customers!

Gold Leaf papers are an artisan line of handmade and machine-made papers created at several mills in Thailand.  The range and quality are outstanding and we are anxious to introduce everyone to these great papers, along with some fun and easy ideas on how to use them in your creative projects!

Please give us a call to see if we have what you need.  Fresh shipments are arriving in throughout the year including several NEW papers that are our exclusive designs!

New swatch books are in the works and we will contact our current customer list when it is ready.  For our new customers, these swatch books will cost around $60 and will be reimbursed upon your first order.  Call or email to let us know if you are interested.

(415) 692-4985 or (866) 262-6601